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AIESEC Uncover The Hidden Potential of Youth

by Ng Chee Kar

SINTOK- An international organization with the mission to uncover the hidden potential of youth held an info session  at University Utara Malaysia (UUM) last week. Dewan Seminar College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) was fully packed with 300 students of UUM, taking their first step in self-development.

      The info session held a purpose to inform the students about the organization and the programme that the organization offers which is the Team Member Program, Team Leader Program, Global Internship Program and Global Community Development Program. As well as to persuade the students of UUM to come out from their comfort zone and develop through AIESEC’s programme.

            “This term, which is term 2012/2013, AIESEC in Malaysia is determine to develop 3 000 youth, within this 12 months period, and AIESEC in UUM, are doing our best in contributing to that number” said Sharon Chan, the Local Committee President of AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia.

“Peace and fulfillment of Humankind Potential”

AIESEC in UUM, have strategically planned out sessions within the 4 hours sessions to deliver their message to the audience. Sessions includes, “AIESEC Market Value” which showcase how AIESEC is being position among the corporates as well as a small group sharing session with speakers that have gone through the programme.

             AIESEC is a global youth run organization that exists in 113 countries and territories, with memberships that is up to 86, 000 members currently. In Malaysia, AIESEC exists in 12 entities or universities; UM, Taylor’s, UKM, UPM, Nottingham, UMP, UTP, UTM, USM, Curtin, Segi and of course in UUM. The organization’s that formed after World War 2 has a vision, which is “Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind Potential”.

              AIESEC, a non-political, independent, not-for-profit organization believes that every youth in the world have the potential to be a leader and to change the world, to create a positive impact, and because of that believes, that is how the organization came up with their programme to develop youth.


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